Name of the project:

“We are building the future through the field”


Place of origin: Tumaco, Nariño “Sta. Teresa del Niño Jesús” Province - Bogota

Objective: To promote a socio-cultural formation of peasant leaders capable of guiding their communities on their rights and duties, fight for a dignified life and greater welfare.

Description: The Project is aimed at 600 afro-colombian peasants from the villages of Tumaco, for a wider socio-economic organization, participation and development of a sector of rural population.

It also aims at forming leaders for accompanying village communities and providing them with formation on critical, ethical, social and solidary awareness creating a network of social agents. 


Name of the project:

Heart of lullaby” (continuity)


Place of origin: Tumaco, “Sta. Teresa del Niño Jesús” Province - Bogota

Objective: To promote a musical group “heart of lullaby” imparting musical education to youth in high risk of social vulnerability and build citizens who would create a different world. 

Description: This Project intends to continue on the path by shaping the musical seedlings and contribute to the peaceful life of the adolescents and youth from 9 to 16 years, belonging to 3 municipalities of Tumaco.


Name of the project

Reality and shaping future pathways”       


Place of origin: Barbacoas, Nariño, “Sta. Teresa del Niño Jesús” Province - Bogota

Objective: To set up “Reality and future pathways” group, for motivating and strengthening the quality of learning, improving learning skills and provide help to step into the professional field. 

Description: The Project aims at selecting 50 children and adolescents from the barrio Paraíso of Barbacoas, where the life situation of the families and the difficult reality do not favor anyway the academic formation.

It intends to pull out the children and youth from harmful environment where games, street life, ticks, drugs and offer them other alternatives and aspirations for growth for living a more dignified life. 



Name of the project: 

Harmonious community through family healing” 


Place of origin: La Gloria, “Santa Teresa del Niño Jesús” Province - Bogota                

Objective: To offer a psycho-pedagogical animation and accompaniment to the families of Ciudad de Dios of Gloria, through personal and group encounters, self-realization and contribution to the construction of a healthy and peaceful society.  

Description: The project is aimed at qualifying the animation and accompaniment of 50 families, with the presence of a qualified professional, specialized in integral formation, dynamic information, workshops on prevention and practical tools for solving conflicts, helping personal growth, better family treatment and healthy living. It will enable a social model where just, fraternal, dignified life and common wellbeing exist.


Name of the project:

Hands that heal”


Place of origin: Norcasia, Caldas “Sta. Teresa del Niño Jesús” Province - Bogota

Objective: To promote and follow up the overall health of the sick through visits and encounters.    To look for possibilities and sources that they may regain their health.

Description: The Project is designed for attending 30 sick people selected among the poor and the lonely from the municipality of Norcasia and surrounding villages.

These sick people will be accompanied by Carmelite Missionaries, Carmelite Missionaries Secular and committed lay to respond to their needs.


Name of the project

“A new heart through laboratory in La Laguna, Chalatenago


Place of origin: La Laguna, El Salvador “Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe”  Vice-province, Central América and the Caribbean

Objective: To equip the laboratory for assisting better the pregnant women, children and old with symptoms of heart disease.   

Description: The Project aspires to improve the quality of laboratory analysis and to equip the local and mobile clinics, with instruments in Cardiology.

It will be executed in La Laguna and surrounding communities, where children, pregnant women and the old are the most in need.  


Name of the project:

"Eating my colorful lunch I grow healthy and strong” (Continuity)


Place of origin: Nicaragua, “Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe” Vice-province - Central America and the Caribbean

Objective: To carry out a nutritional program for 1000 boys and girls of Colegio Tecnico Niño Jesús de Praga, Chiquilistagua, Managua, Nicaragua

Description: The project consists in providing nutritious breakfast for 1000 girls and boys daily to improve their academic performance, organizing the parents for preparing the food and training the educational community in hygienic and nutritional habits.

Other NGO’s will be involved in financing this Project.


Name of the project:

“School of learning Spanish language for Haitian immigrants”


Place of origin: Lo Prado,  Curacaví, “Teresa de los Andes” General Delegation - Chile

Objective: To give opportunity for the Haitian immigrants for learning spanish language in order to integrate themselves in the society, to be aware of their social rights and to raise their self-esteem.

Description: This Project wants to offer a Spanish language course for Haitian immigrants at three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced.

With the language learning they will have the accessibility into the world of labor and thereafter obtain means for family subsistence.


Name of the project

Help offered to the HIV-AIDS patients of Sakassou district” (continuity)


Place of origin: Sakassou, “Notre Dame d’Afrique” General Delegation – Ivory Coast.

Objective: To give comprehensive attention to the HIV-AIDS patients and affected families

Description: These patients need medical care and regular and balanced diet, social and economic support to cover at least some of their prioritized needs

Nutritional support aims at covering the needs of 50 families in one year. Assured a good nutrition, we can pass on to the financing of mini-projects of work – sustenance. 


Name of the project: 

"Day care centre for children from 5 to 13 years” (continuity)


Place of origin:  Zabrze, Poland “Mater Carmeli” Province - Europe  

Objective: To provide opportunities and services to the children of Day-care centre which would improve their overall growth and social insertion.

Description: The Centre is located in one of the poor urban settlements in the city of Zabrze.

The children of these settings come from families affected from alcohol dependency, domestic violence and unemployment.

The targeted beneficiaries of the Project are from 5 to 13 years, coming from dysfunctional families in risk of marginalization, violence, crime and dependencies. It aims at taking the children away from detrimental atmosphere and educating them in a healthy atmosphere. It seeks to accompany and support the families specially the mothers, compensate the lack of nutrition with proper food and offer a space where the family links are strengthened.


Name of the project:  

Baobab, for a more dignified life (continuity)


Place of origin:   Madrid, Spain “Mater Carmeli” Province - Europe

Objective: To provide training facilities in “Pueblos Unidos” Centre on employment and social integration for sub-Saharan people in Madrid.

Description: It is one of the programs carried out in the Pueblos Unidos Centre of the Fundación San Juan de Castillo – Madrid, where Sr. Brigida Moreta is collaborating.

It hosts African men for a period of time where food and accommodation are offered, helping them for the social and occupational integration. Basic professional training is also given that enables access to employment and accompany them for the regularization processes of documents.

The duration of their stay at the centre is determined by the degree of responsibility they show in the training, capacity of living together in the group and their efforts towards social integration and adaptation in the Spanish society.


Name of the project:

“By strengthening the entity we strengthen individuals”    


Place of origin:  El Prat de Llobregat, “Mater Carmeli” Province, Barcelona - Europe

Objective: To take care of people seeking job opportunities which means better monitoring, more coordination and greater involvement.

Description: The recipients are native or migrated men and women in precarious situations and with family responsibilities and burden within or out of the country; some in the process of seeking asylum.

The Project aims at improving the quality of care-taking of the beneficiaries, look for more people to attend, strengthening the job searching strategies within the capacitating sessions.


Name of the project:

Skills training for a living”   



Place of origin: Caburan, Davao Occidental “Blessed. Francisco Palau” Province - Philippines

Objective: To promote overall development of 100 youth and 20 women through workshops on baking, food processing, sewing and crafts to improve their living conditions.

Description: This Project promotes workshops on baking, craft and food processing for youth and women at social risk.The workshops are conducted on a semestral basis, during weekends.The Department of Commerce and Industry and TESDA will involve and collaborate with this Project.    



Name of the project:

Nutritious meal for healthy spirit, mind and body” 


Place of origin: Dingle, IloiloBlessed. Francisco Palau” Province, Philippines

Objective: To promote a healthy food program for 50 children of Mater Carmeli School, in order to improve their academic performance.

Description: The Project consists in a nutritional program for 50 students of Mater Carmeli School. The beneficiaries belong to low-income families.

The children will receive a nutritious lunch 3 times a week and comprehensive training will be offered to the parents. 


Name of the project:

Holistic healing”


Place of origin: Dueñas, Iloilo “Blessed. Francisco Palau” Province, Philippines

Objective: To provide capacity-building workshops on integral healthcare for 30 people of Dueñas.

Description: The project aims at holding capacity-building workshops on integral healthcare for 30 people and forming them for food and hygienic habits.

It will encourage cultivation, processing and marketing of natural medicine in order to improve their income and living conditions.


Name of the project

Feeding program at Governador Leopoldo Memorial School”


Place of origin: Mati, Davao Oriental “Blessed. Francisco Palau” Province-Philippines

Objective: To organize a feeding program for 550 school children.

Description: The Project will provide food for 550 children at Governador N. Leopoldo Memorial School belonging to the families located in the coastal area of Mati.

The children will receive a nutritious lunch 3 times a week and the parents will be trained in home gardens and healthy diet.


 Name of the project:

Let’s go camping”


Place of origin: Mati, Davao Oriental “Blessed. Francisco Palau” Province - Philippines

Objective: To facilitate adequate material for youth formation.

Description: The Project will assist 100 youth from 10 to 20 years from the region of Mati, coming from poor families with little opportunity for growth.

It intends to provide a space for camp developments and formative activities for youngsters, and aims at strengthening the practice of human-christian values.


Name of the project:

Forming CM youth leaders”   


Place of origin:   Quezon City “Blessed. Francisco Palau” Province - Philippines

Objective: To train a group of 80 youth from the regions of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao in methodologies for leadership and juvenile accompaniment.

Description: The Project is oriented towards youngsters with leadership qualities for juvenile accompaniment.

This will empower the participants with skills necessary for the leadership, communication and team work.

It wants the young leaders to have the power to influence effectively in their regions. 


Name of the project:

Healthy kids on the go”


Place of origin: Cagayan de Oro City “Blessed. Francisco Palau” Province - Philippines

Objective: To support the feeding of 60 children from the Barangay Gusa 

Description: The Project offers food for 60 children from the Barangay Gusa, belonging to low income families.

At the same time, training will be given on balanced diet, hygienic habits and values.


Name of the project:

A drop of water can quench our thirst”


Place of origin:  Insana, Indonesia “Blessed. Francisco Palau” Province - Philippines

Objective: To contribute for the integral human development of 80 women and 20 youngsters, harnessing their economic capacity through formation, technical and marketing assistance.

Description: The Project focuses on the comprehensive training of women and youth, agents of productivity growth at local level, making possible family development processes.

The training will equip them with skills and technical – administrative knowledge that will help for family income. It will support in the search for markets and for the marketing of products.


Name of the project:

"Education of young girls, victims of human trafficking


Place of origin: Prithikunj, Mumbai, “St. Francis Xavier” Province -India

Objective: To provide technical-professional education to young girls from 18 to 25 years, daughters of women affected by prostitution, in order to rescue them from this environment and contribute to a new social order based on human dignity, equality of opportunities and social justice.

Description: The Project is intended for a group of 15 to 20 girls, whose mothers form part of the prostitution trade or are rehabilitated but without sufficient capacity to sustain the educational needs of their daughters.

It is designed to provide structural, psycho-social and economic support by preparing young women in professional field and make them independent in the world of work. It also aims at creating in them the skills that will encourage them to study and social insertion. 


Name of the project

"Bread for Masai children and women” 


Place of origin: Orkesumet, Tanzania “Our Lady, Mother of the Church”, General Delegation - Kenya

Objective: To reduce the rate of malnutrition among children and women of Orkesumet, by easing access to everyday basic consumer goods.

Description: The Project consists in the purchase of equipment and materials for the preparation of bread, a useful tool for the sustenance of Masai children and families. Besides, it will be sold to the people at low cost. 



Name of the Project:

Aging with dignity”   


Place of origin: Argelia, Antioquia “Sagrado Corazón” Province - Medellín

Objective: To accompany the elderly and the sick at this crucial moment of their life, making their life more dignified and learn their family and social surroundings.

Description: The Project wants to promote 50 older adults in precarious social situations with better conditions of life and assistance.

The support staff will have the required resources to provide for the sick and the old with food, diapers, and basic hygiene and health supplies. 


Name of the Project:

Indigenous woman, go ahead”     


Place of origin: Urrao, Antioquia “Sagrado Corazón” Province - Medellín

Objective: To accompany indigenous women through integration process, socialization, recreation, psychological attention, reading and writing and home training with a view to achieving a dignified standard of living and contribute towards an adequate inculturation of their families and social inclusion.

Description: The Project aims at accompanying the indigenous woman in situations of social

vulnerability and intends to prioritize her dignity and capacity for the transformation of her family and social atmosphere.

It will cater to 30 young women who lived in indigenous territories and have reached to the municipal center escaping the war, armed groups and hunger. They will receive psycho-social accompaniment, literacy training, home training, habits and customs of life.


Name of the Project:

Woman the creative force”          

Place of origin: El Palmar, Bolivia “Santa Rosa de Lima” Province - Perú-Bolivia 

Objective: To strengthen the productive capacities of women and promote family endeavors for achieving greater economic autonomy and better quality of life.

Description: The Project includes 18 women as principal agents, who being aware of their dignity and capacitycan train their families for facing their problems.

It aims at creating a solidarity fund in order to facilitate the necessary resources and initiate a productive activity, generator of economic resources, for family survival and better quality of life.





Name of the project

Literacy program for Kapiri “Eco” women group


Place of origin: Gen. Delegation “Our Lady, Mother of the Church” Kenya. Kapiri, Malawi

Objetive: To capacitate 25 poor women with the purpose of raising their standard of living.


The Project aims at promoting this women group through literacy program, sewing, processing of raw materials into fertilizers for the cultivable land and recycling of paper into carbon.

It will improve the quality of life of women and their families facilitating a means of sustainability.


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